Are you a busy mom trying to figure out your daughter?
Is she sensitive, stubborn, and spirited?

Do you want quality time to talk through the important stuff?

Do you need more resources to support and guide her?

Do you crave more magic, more memories, and more fun with her?

If you’re like me, you probably want to strengthen
the legacy you’re leaving behind in her.

Our relationship with our daughters is complex, beautiful, and sometimes… it’s heavy.
We expect a lot of them, because we want a lot for them.

Maybe we want them to walk a better path than we did, or have more inner strength or be kinder, or have the courage to take opportunities we never dared to.

Think about your relationship with your mother – think about it’s complexities and it’s beauty. Think about how your interactions with her as a little girl shaped who you became as a woman.

Her lessons, her mindset, her approach to the world around her became yours (or at the very least) they were a huge influence on you – good or bad.

This membership bloomed in my heart a year ago as I struggled to parent my 4-year-old, Stella. She is sensitive, stubborn, emotional, and spirited.

She is glorious and gritty… and I can barely handle her sometimes.

I found our relationship to be a great source of happiness, and my biggest point of guilt and shame.

Sometimes she triggered outdated lessons or beliefs from my own childhood. I was disappointed in myself when I didn’t have the answers.

But, then we would connect beautifully and I inherently knew the right thing to say.

In those moments, I knew I was guiding her toward her best life, her best self – in a way that I hadn’t been shown as a little girl.

Why is it crucial we start now?

Before we know it, our little girls will be big girls, teenagers and then women who deal with their challenges as the person they are learning to be right now. Our words and support then can only go so far. We start NOW.

Our time together in the Blooming Legacy Membership, will help you learn and grow in a tight-knit group of Mommas just like you. We will mindfully guide the girls toward their most resilient and magical selves. And we’ll have tons of fun making memories with them!

It’s the support, memories, and connection this year, that helps them bloom for years to come.

  • As heavy emotions, anxiety, or hormones emerge.
  • As obstacles, disappointments, and challenges arise.
  • When their self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love is tested.
  • When opportunities arise for healthy risk-taking.
  • When bullying or boys create conflict and confusion.

Blooming Legacy is a 5-month membership for mothers and their young daughters.

“A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.”

Our connection with each other – the legacy woven through generations – is crucial to how we show up in the world. We see the importance of legacy in our own mother and ourselves as we begin parenting our daughter.

What is your legacy? Do you know? When do you begin to plant the seeds of your legacy in your daughter? Trick question. It’s now.

Right now, is when the fun, connection, and bond is easy. We leverage our relationship now, so that it creates strong roots and helps our daughters bloom as their most potent, radiant, and resilient selves.

The Blooming Legacy membership is 5 months of content, video lessons, community, and connection. Think of it like a club. Think of it as your monthly contribution to your daughter’s love bank. Your time capsule of memories. Lessons for her and for you.

Don’t wait until she’s a teenager – when you may need to put out fires, reconstruct her confidence, or teach her lessons on the fly… start here and now.

What’s included?

  • New Content Monthly with a different theme each month
  • Community + Connection in a private Facebook group where we gather and learn
  • Monthly #dateyourdaughter Date Idea with conversation starter questions and/or activity
  • A Moon Ceremony – ritual and/or guided meditation to connect and celebrate you
  • Storytime with Stella – a Live Storytime with a message that ties to the theme
  • Mom’s Lesson – mini workshop video led by me and/or Guest Collaborator
  • Actionable Steps + Introspective Homework

BONUSES (May change monthly)

  • BONUS: Group Celebration + Dance Party- submit your daughter’s wins/achievements
  • BONUS: Printable Coloring Page or Art Activity Ideas
  • BONUS: Interview Pages for Daughter + Mom
  • BONUS: Journal Prompts for Mom
  • BONUS: Recommended Reading + Favorite Kids Books
  • BONUS: Curated Resource list

Schedule + Themes

Tentative outline and subject to change.


“We are magic. The moon, my mom + me.”

We are girls. We are women. We are magic.

Guest Presenter: TBA


“Bloom where you’re planted.”

Standing strong and colorful – even in the muck.


“Fully free as me.”


“Strong heart. Sacred body.”

Taking good care of our body, mind, and heart because we are sacred.

Guest Presenter: TBA


“Compass of Kindness.”

How to find your way through hard times by being kind to yourself and others.

Guest Presenter: Tracie Murchison of Paper Crane Project (#belacilike)

Getting to know yourself and being her all the time!

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