Are you a busy mom trying to connect with your daughter? Are you trying to figure her out?
Is she sensitive, stubborn, and spirited? Do you ache for more time to make memories with her and support her more fully?

Do you wish you had time to strengthen
the legacy you’re leaving behind in her?

Our relationship with our daughters is complex, beautiful, and sometimes heavy.
We expect a lot of them because we want a lot for them. In many cases, we want a better path or solution than the one we had.

How can we teach our daughters how to bloom?

How do we…

  • heal or prevent the heavy emotions and disorders that may surface in middle school and beyond?
  • teach them to overcome the obstacles and limitations they will inevitably face?
  • strengthen their self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth?
  • help them develop courage and positive risk-taking so they don’t miss opportunities and success?
  • ensure that when they meet bullies and boys they rise above with grace and resilience? (And ensure they’re not bullies themselves!)
  • discipline them in a supportive way while also healing the little girl within us?
  • strengthen them for a beautiful future while we live here with them in the present?
  • leave them with our legacy? What is our legacy?

We have to start now – right where we are.

Blooming Legacy is a 5-month membership for mothers and their daughters.

“A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.”

Why this? Why now?

The idea for this membership was sparked in my heart a year ago as I struggled to parent my 5-year-old Stella. She is sensitive, stubborn, emotional, spirited – she’s glorious and gritty.

I found our relationship to be a great source of happiness, and my biggest pain point of guilt and shame.

In one moment I struggled to figure her out. In the next, I was consumed with empathy as I distinctly saw myself as a young girl playing out in her actions, emotions, and responses. I sometimes felt successful and connected with her, and other times I struggled to climb out of a pit of guilt.

There is something about the mother/daughter relationship that is truly cosmic and extremely complicated.

It’s glaringly obvious to me – the importance of women in the world – and particularly the connection and legacy that exists between mothers and daughters. We create a circle of strength and we start to see the importance of our own mother in the parenting of our daughter – this circle or legacy – is what I labeled Flamekeeper’s in one of my first blog posts over a year ago.

This motherhood thing is so important to us. Most of us say: “It’s my most important job.”

The Blooming Legacy membership is 5 months of content, videos, community, and connection. Think of it like a club. Think of it as your consistent monthly contribution to your daughter’s love bank. Your time capsule of memories. Instead of waiting until she’s a teenager when you have to put out fires, reconstruct her confidence, or teach her lessons on the fly… we start here and now.

What’s included?

  • New theme every month – follow-along and also digest pieces at your own pace
  • Private Facebook group – a safe club for us and our daughters
  • Monthly #dateyourdaughter Date Idea with conversation starting questions and/or activity
  • A Moon Ceremony – ritual and/or guided meditation to connect and celebrate you
  • Storytime with Stella – she will pick a book with a great message and we’ll read it together live
  • Mom’s Lesson – mini workshop video
  • Daughter’s Lesson – video lesson about month’s theme with or led by Stella
  • BONUS: Group Celebration – submit your daughter’s wins/achievements for group celebration
  • BONUS: Printable Coloring Page or Art Activity for daughters
  • BONUS: Interview Pages for Legacy
  • BONUS: Journal Prompts for Mom
  • BONUS: Recommended Reading
  • BONUS: Curated Resource list
  • BONUS: Guest Experts join in to teach live lessons

Schedule + Themes

This is a tentative outline and subject to change before or during membership. A detailed schedule is given at the start of the membership.


“We are magic. The moon, my mom + me.”

We are girls. We are women. We are magic. Fact.


“Bloom where you’re planted.”

Standing tall and being colorful – even in the muck.


“Fully free as me.”


“Strong heart. Sacred body.”

Taking good care of our body, mind, heart because we are sacred.


“Compass of Kindness.”

How to find your way by staying kind to yourself and others.

Getting to know yourself and being her all the time!

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