Extinguish It + Get Lit

Reset. Refocus. Resurrect yourself.


The EXTINGUISH IT Class helps you manage yourself
and your life before, during, and after the chaos.

Guess what?
You're the leader... whether you want to be or not.

We often sway between wanting to hand the reigns over to someone (ANYONE) else or white-knuckling the reigns trying to perfect and control every variable.
No, we can’t control everything… we can spin and die trying… OR we can get really good at creating calm within ourselves, controlling our time and energy, and being confident in our approach to anything that comes our way. 
This class will remind you of your ordained and sacred role as a woman. It will encourage you to wear the crown, be the chief, and take your place at the heart of it all. 
If you find yourself wanting to escape being the leader of your tribe it’s probably because you’ve forgotten what leaders really do. ::hint hint:: It’s not doing and being all the things. And being in control is not being controlling. 

It's time to invest in the one thing
that can actually change your life: YOURSELF.