The Mompreneur Interview Series

A tribute to the Mommas who are redefining what work and motherhood look like.

Introducing our third Momma in this fun interview series... Dani!

I met Danielle through our husbands, who were childhood friends. She had her first baby recently  (a sweet boy with crazy hair that makes me giggle every time I see his picture) and I was anxious to hear about her new-Momma experience because she is a nanny and she was simultaneously starting a new venture with Arbonne. So, here we go!

What first pulled you to starting your own side-business?

After the birth of my son I wanted to be able to work my regular job part-time and find something I could do from home (or on the road) that would bring in additional income.

Why did you choose Arbonne?

A friend of mine had been running his Arbonne business for a little over a year. He approached me shortly after I had Nolan and I decided to hear him out. For the past 10 years I have been interested in and passionate about healthy and environmentally friendly products for my body and my home. As I learned more about Arbonne I realized the company’s standards were exactly what I looked for in the products that I use both in and on my body. I decided it was the perfect business opportunity for me because I could make money while doing something I really enjoy, helping people find products that are safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly.

What do you love about having a side-business that you run outside of your traditional job and motherhood?

I love that this business can be done at any time of day and from anywhere. As long as I have access to my phone I can be working. I like that I can fit the job into my schedule instead of making my schedule around the job. It is also a chance for me to interact with adults! I am a nanny and a Mom so I spend most of my day with young children. It’s nice at Arbonne events to socialize with adults.

What would you tell other Moms looking to make a little money by joining a MLM company?

Find a company that has products you are passionate or excited about and do it! You have a flexible work schedule and can work from almost anywhere. You can use your business to bring in a little extra money or as your full time job.

How do you juggle your roles - mother, wife, nanny and Arbonne consultant?

I’m honestly still figuring this one out! It has been 6 months since Nolan was born and I am getting much better at juggling all of my roles. I’m not sure I will ever feel like I have control over all of them. I try to keep a predictable schedule for myself. I know mornings are for spending time with Nolan, getting ready for work, exercising, and doing a few things around the house. Afternoons; I’m at work. Evenings are for Arbonne and enjoying time with my husband. Weekends are for family, errands, friends, and some housework.

Have you learned any valuable lessons to share with us regarding work, marriage, motherhood, or chasing your passions?

Ask for help if you need it! I’ve always been really bad at asking for help. I’m still pretty bad at it. I’m learning and realizing that if I ask I have plenty of people in my life who are more than happy to help me.

After Nolan’s birth I realized how much pressure I put on myself to do things around the house on the assumption that it is my job. Things like general clean-up, laundry, cleaning the house, pet care, meal preparation, making a grocery list, etc. Once Nolan was born, I wasn’t able to do a lot of the daily or weekly things I had been doing. I got frustrated that things weren’t getting done around the house and I couldn’t understand why my husband wasn’t prioritizing certain tasks. I finally said something and he honestly had no idea anything was bothering me or that there was anything wrong with the house. I realized in that moment that I needed to communicate more. Things that are priorities to me may not be for my husband and visa versa. So communication is huge!

What is your must-have self-care time? Something you do just for you?

Exercise! I struggled to work this into my schedule after having Nolan. I quickly realized it is just as necessary for me as eating and sleeping. I am a much better person when I exercise. I don’t get to do it as often as I used to or would like to but I have found a way to work it into my schedule. I see a personal trainer (Amy Kilburn at Sunrise Fitness in Standish, Maine. She is great!) on Monday nights and I workout at home on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

What’s your favorite date night with your hubs and how do you prioritize it?

Date night? What is that? Just kidding :) We have gone out to dinner twice since Nolan was born. Going out to dinner was nice, but I actually prefer a lazy night at home where we do something together, watch a movie or play a game, without being distracted by our phones or to-do lists.  We try to spend Friday nights just the two of us relaxing. It is hard because there is always stuff to get done. Friday night is a good night because I just tell myself everything can wait until Saturday!

What’s your favorite moment/activity with the baby?

I love our time together when he first wakes up in the morning. He nurses, then we read books and play on the floor. He is always super happy in the morning.

Describe a day-in-the-life of YOU - start in the morning, right down to bedtime. 

5:30-6:30 Nolan wakes up. He nurses and then we read a couple of books

6-7:00 I make my protein shake for breakfast and then Nolan and I play on the floor while I have my shake.

6:30-7:30 Nolan has breakfast. We just started solids and are doing baby led weaning so breakfast is basically just Nolan playing with the food I give him. After breakfast, Nolan plays on the floor or in his chair while I get a few chores done. I normally empty the dishwasher, do any dishes in the sink, wipe down the counters, pack my lunch and bag for work, and pack Nolan’s diaper bag.

8-9:00 Nolan takes a nap. On workout days, I do my workout during this time and then shower and get dressed after he wakes up. On the other days I get cleaned up and dressed for the day during his nap. Depending on how long his nap lasts, I can sometimes do work for Arbonne during this time.

When he wakes up from nap he nurses and I get him dressed for the day. If we have time before we have to leave for work, we play!

11:25 Leave for work

5-5:30 Home from work. I normally nurse Nolan as soon as we get home, feed our dogs and cat, and then I start making dinner. My husband, John gets home from work between 5:30 and 6 and takes over Nolan-duty at that point.

7:00 John gets Nolan changed into pajamas and then I nurse him and put him to bed.

8:00 John and I eat dinner. After dinner I normally run a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen, tidy up the house a bit, work on Arbonne, and watch TV.

10:30-11 BED!

What epiphanies, lessons, realizations have you come to after being a nanny for many years and then becoming a mother yourself? How did it help you to be a mom? What surprised you?

Being a mom is much more than just having a child to take care of. I’ve been a nanny for over 12 years so my job is to take care of children. Being a mom is TOTALLY different. I was honestly shocked at how different it is. I wasn’t expecting to be surprised by much but boy, was I wrong! I love all the kids I have ever cared for, but the love I have for Nolan is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It is the drive behind everything I do now. As a nanny, I was always really good at multitasking. I could keep the kids entertained while also getting household chores accomplished. The Mom-me doesn’t want to multitask. I want to just focus on and enjoy Nolan. I think because I have been a nanny for so long I am aware of how quickly kids grow up and that they are only little for so long. This awareness makes me want to slow down and enjoy this time. Life while raising children is ever-changing - phases and challenges come and go - and I think knowing this (and having experienced it with other people’s children, firsthand) gives me extra confidence and patience in taking care of Nolan.

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