Living it out first-hand, I know how demanding (and empowering!) it can be to pursue a passion and contribute financially to your family while you're wearing the at-home-Mom hat. Working from home, while you simultaneously dedicate a major amount of your schedule to raising your kids has all sorts of challenges.  To pursue work outside of the normal structure and container of a scheduled job at a company means you have to be flexible, creative, and determined. I find the biggest struggle to this scenario is the blurring of work/motherhood lines - there's no punching in or out and you have constant distractions being thrown at you while you try to do your work. A work-at-home Momma must juggle her schedule, energy, and attention within the constraints of her littles' schedule. I love that more and more families are living out varied work and home schedules - some Mommas work part-time, others are trying to brave entrepreneurship or fit their business into nap time.

As women, we are all connected - mothers, wives, or otherwise. We have so much to learn from each other. We have so much high-fiveing, hugging, supporting and celebrating to do for one another. And there is a special place in my heart for the Momma brave enough to chase her dreams while she is also in the thick of home-making and little-raising.  So, I'll be dedicating the blog to some inspiring women through heart-warming interviews that I think will inspire and influence you in your mission and motherhood. I hope you enjoy reading these as much I have.


The Mompreneur Interview Series

A tribute to the Mommas who are redefining what work and motherhood looks like.

Drum roll, please.
Introducing our first Mompreneur: Casey

Casey lives in Central Maine, like me. I met her through her husband, who I went to college with. Go USM Huskies! She is a nurse (couldn't you just hug her already - it takes a special soul to be a nurse), a LipSense and Senegence Consultant, and a Momma to Lila and Noah.


What first pulled you to starting your own side-business?
I honestly didn’t even set out to start my own business. It happened very naturally and grew organically from sharing the Senegence products! When I first started I had just had a baby one month prior. He spent about 2 weeks in the hospital, which we hadn’t planned for, and I was on my maternity leave. With a newborn, I was spending a lot of time holding him and breastfeeding and I tend to be one of those anxious worried Momma's that needs something to keep my mind busy! This was the perfect timing for me to take on this role because it really helped to give me something to focus on.


Why did you choose Lipsense?
When I first purchased Lipsense I was truly skeptical. But, when I saw that it really did work I was intrigued. It really is more of a lip care system then anything and the changes that I noticed from using the product made me really fall in love with it! Before my lips always felt chapped and dry and I was a chronic Chapstick user, too. I love that it’s a small change that I can make that makes me feel a little more put together. Once I shared the products with friends and family on social media, I realized there was a huge potential with this as a business opportunity! Senegence is in its momentum phase and has experienced significant growth in the cosmetic industry within the last year. It’s a great time to get started and I’m grateful that I took a chance on it.


What do you love about Lipsense and having a side-business that you run outside of your traditional job and motherhood?
Freedom! It’s so important to my husband and I that we have freedom and flexibility with our schedules. I love being a nurse and I truly couldn’t imagine a more worthwhile career, but since having children I’ve struggled with trying to juggle the time commitments. 12 hour shifts and not having a set schedule is difficult with young babies especially those who nurse exclusively and who need a structured routine! I love that Lipsense has turned into a steady source of income for our family without me having to leave my babies! I also really appreciate that there’s so many options with this company. It lets me use my creativity and really is like building your own brand. You can chose what products to promote, you can chose how you sell, you can have your own website or not, and there’s no monthly commitment! It’s great for busy women who appreciate the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere.


Why makeup? What would you say to the mom or wife that doesn’t really do makeup? What does it mean to you - for fun? - for feeling great?
Makeup hasn’t really ever been a passion of mine - to be honest - I’ve always been a little intimidated by it! But, I do recognize how empowering it can be and how looking your best and expressing yourself through makeup can really make you feel good! I am the worst at getting up and getting ready each day so I like that this pushes me to do that and it helps me feel a little more put together on a daily basis!


What would you tell Moms looking to make a little money by joining a MLM company?
I really can’t speak for all MLM companies, because I’ve heard good stories and bad, too! Senegence has been amazing to work for. The have a great commission plan and benefits such as a car allowance and trips you can qualify for. It allows you to make additional money, but also set your own hours and make it as big or as small of a business as you want!


How do you juggle your roles - mother, wife, nurse and Lipsense consultant?
Coffee....any caffeine will do really! Letting go of perfection and time blocking are pretty essential to juggling my various roles. Also, having a super supportive husband who really does pick up a lot of the slack! I make a whole lot of to do lists and prioritize my days. Having time to play with the kids and be present with them is so important to me. I can’t go through my day with my phone in my hand constantly distracting me. Knowing what things need immediate attention and what things can wait is something I’m getting better at, but still could use some work!


If you’re willing to share, can you give us an example of what your side-business has afforded you? What do you use your new-found income for? To pay bills? To buy yourself a vacation? For the product discount?
Yes of course! I’ve seen all of these scenarios within my team of distributors. I know someone that booked a vacation to Disney for her family with her earnings and lots of people set it aside for bills and savings! It’s a huge relief to have an additional source of income for so many people. For me personally it quickly became a way for me to provide for my family and to work less hours! I currently have a per Diem role at the hospital, so I have more flexibility with my schedule but it also means I don’t have the same benefits as a regular employee. After taking an unpaid maternity leave as well as the additional medical bills we had, this opportunity was really a lifesaver!


Have you learned any valuable lessons to share with us about work, marriage, motherhood, or pursuing our passions?
I’m a huge believer that you can do anything you set your mind to! The older I get, the less I care about what other people think of me and the more I hold on to the vision I have for my life and what’s important to me and the people closest to me! Letting go of others expectations and creating my own life is important to me. I am trying more and more to be intentional, with my time, my energy, with what I buy, with everything!


Not everyone has a side-business, a part-time job (or a job with non-traditional hours) and mothers two tiny’s at the same time! Plus, your husband travels a lot. How do you juggle it? Do you have any rhythms, routines, tips, or tricks that help segregate or leverage your time?
Hmm, I don’t know if I do juggle it all! We definitely do not have traditional schedules. It also takes a village, both of our parents live close-by and help out pretty often with the kids. Having the oldest in preschool helps a lot! My two biggest tips are that I leave a calendar out on the shelf where I can see it and try and plan ahead as much as possible. My husband, Jason, and I also try to have a meeting each week about what needs to be done and what are schedules are, etc. It helps tremendously when we do that and split up our to-do list!


What is your must-have self-care time? Something you do just for you?
Ahh, I’m lucky if I get an uninterrupted shower right now! Haha But, really I’m a pretty introverted person and I really need alone time once in awhile to recover from all the “noise” of motherhood. A good book and a soft blanket to wrap up in is the most relaxing thing for me.


What’s your favorite date night with your hubs and how do you prioritize it?
Well, a lot of the last few years we’ve had opposite schedules so that we use as little daycare as possible, but we really try to schedule dates as often as we can. Usually it's dinner out somewhere so we can talk - we both love live music so we try a get to a concert as often as we can!


What’s your favorite moment/activity with the kids?
Nursing them to sleep, watching their eyelids flutter shut and seeing them so peaceful and relaxed - those are always my favorite moments. Lila cracks me up all the time with the things she says right now and she’s very creative so we love arts and crafts - especially painting! And I just love watching Noah learn new things and seeing how Lila interacts with him.


Describe a day-in-the-life of YOU. Give us a glimpse into your life.  (I know when my kids were younger, and especially when I was first staying home with a new baby, I loved to read examples of schedules to see what worked for Moms that might also help me in the day-to-day.)
Well, we have a few different schedules because there’s so many variables... routine is so hard for me! A typical Monday for instance... Noah wakes up at 6:00-ish and plays. Lila wakes up at 7:00-ish. We do breakfast, we all get dressed, pack her backpack and a lunch. I typically check emails and messages first thing then try and put my phone away till we’re done getting ready. If Jason is home he takes Lila to school at 8:15. If he is traveling Noah and I both go. Noah is just starting to go to one nap a day, so sometimes he falls asleep in the car on the way home but less and less frequently now. 9:00-11:00 am is typically the time I’ll plan something: if we have errands to run, open gym, library, play dates. Then 11:00-ish, I start making lunch and Noah takes a nap around 11:30 or 12. He'll sleep for 1-2 hours. He’s a really light sleeper, so if Lila is home I usually try and have her watch a show downstairs while I get him to sleep. If she’s at school, I use that time while he naps to check emails, write emails, post online, do invoices, whatever I need to catch up on! If she’s home, I try and play something with her so she gets some alone time with me. If Lila is at school, we leave to pick her up around 1:45 and sometimes I have to wake Noah up - which I hate! We get home right at 3:00. After school, we do a snack and play. At 4:15 or 4:30 I start dinner. I’m a terrible cook so it’s not elaborate by any means! On Tuesday’s Lila has dance at 4:00 and that throws us all off! We eat at 5:00 or as soon as Jason gets home. At 5:30-ish we go upstairs and they take a bath (not every night), get in pj's, brush teeth, read a story. Lila goes downstairs with Jason if he’s home - she’s been doing Cosmic Kids Yoga a lot before bed, which has been helping her settle down. I nurse the Noah and he typically is asleep by 6:30. Lila usually goes to bed at 7:30 or 8:00 and we have to lay down with her sometimes to read another story or talk until she falls asleep. After the kids fall asleep, I try and get any other work done, like: fulfilling orders, packaging orders, checking in with my team, training's plus laundry and cleaning. It really depends on how soundly they are sleeping - lots of nights the baby doesn’t stay asleep well those first few hours. I usually get a 4 hour stretch at some point, but he always wakes up a few times a night. If I have a nursing shift, it could be 7:00 am to 7:00 pm or the reverse. Sometimes Jason works from home and sometimes he’s gone for a week traveling. Because of these variances, we have to be very flexible which can be a bit of a struggle with little ones!


Women supporting women. I dig it.

Momma's need to stay united - not only in their motherhood, but in pursuing their missions (whatever they might be). If you're already obsessed with LipSense like almost everyone I know (my favorites are the bright pinks) and you need a consultant for ordering - head over to Casey's site and shop their latest colors. If you're looking to become a distributor, I invite you to talk with Casey about joining her team. She knows her stuff, and her vibe is inviting, FUN, and helpful. I know because I am a member of happy her Facebook community where I constantly bug her about finding the next best color to Party Pink.




Momma from Maine trying to start a movement. I want you to remember yourself. I want you to feel calm, clear, creative, and connected.