Last year I took a solo vacation to Arizona. Yep - a solo vacation. It was as terrifying and wonderful as you might expect it to be for a homemaker and mother to small kiddos. I had never flown before. I saw Aaron Neville in the airport during my layover and missed my flight. If you don't know who that is - shame on you, children of the 80's. I went out to Arizona for a women's retreat and it was worth every anxiety and penny spent. It was enriching and relaxing. It was good for me and the kids. I highly recommend all mothers take vacations without their kids, but more so I demand that every woman and mother NEEDS alone time. Even if you don't think you need it - you do, my friend. In the quiet of alone time comes so much clarity. That's where you really tap into your intuition and get rest and a renewed outlook.

Any-hoo. The point of this is that among all the amazing things I saw and did out there - and there were some really amazing things (like meeting Glennon Doyle Melton in the hotel store, getting her autograph, listening to amazing women speak on amazing topics (Elizabeth Gilbert is lovely), learning how to use Uber, and meandering through the botanical gardens) there was also something surprising I discovered. An accessories company and crew that I fell in love with. Let's stop here. I don't really like jewelry. My obsession is more sunglasses, wallets and bags (not pursues) and black rain boots (I have three pair. I know. It doesn't make sense.) I don't buy into the jewelry parties. I almost never go when invited unless they promise me wine and food. I'm terrible at wearing jewelry that people gift me - I'm just really particular and hard to buy for. I wear my wedding rings, one other simple anniversary ring, and some simple diamond studs. I just don't get jazzed up for jewelry. Even when I think it's pretty, I never wear it because it feels like too much for me. This is me we're talking about though - I'm like a flannel and Bean boots kind of girl. However, I know so many women that adore jewelry. They have tons of it and they love playing around with wearing different things with different outfits. My aunt is spectacular at giving people jewelry - she loves buying presents for people and that tends to be her go-to item. She's always buying high quality and thoughtful pieces.

I know that there are so many of you out there that will totally flip for these gals and their company.

I met Threads Worldwide outside one of the workshops at my retreat. I was browsing some vendors and stopped to check out a drop-dead gorgeous pair of silver earrings - I wanted them bad (but again, you know me and jewelry). And one of the founders of the company was there so we started chatting. This was back in May of 2017 and Kara and I have talked multiple times since then. She's the kind of person who you can speak honestly with - she gets it. She's down-to-earth. Which is why it's no surprise she makes up a trifecta of amazing women who created a company rooted in girl power and connecting women for a meaningful purpose. I ended up hanging by their vendor table that day just laughing and talking - and we've stayed connected.

I love what they do and why they do it. You will, too.

They connect women in other countries who create handmade items with women here who want to sell and wear the pieces. These items are beautiful - each one is either vibrant or timeless. Each one carries a story - having been hand-crafted by a woman in another country who is now employed and providing a better life for herself and her family. Many of the artisan cooperatives that Threads Worldwide works with employ women who are also survivors of sex trafficking or are deaf, and may be struggling with social, economical or political difficulties. Ladies, this is not just buying jewelry to feel and look great. You're simultaneously supporting a local woman running her own small business, as well as supporting women from around the world experiencing hardships we can't imagine.

If this kind of mission speaks to your heart like it does mine, you have to check out their stuff. You'll be blown away by these items - and their affordability! If you're interested in hosting a party, you can contact Kate Sarton here in Maine. She loads of fun and she can come give you and your friends an amazing shopping experience - plus you'll learn so much about this mission of women supporting women.

You are lovely - you should shop, wear, and support lovely things.



Click here or on the image below to learn more and shop the Spring line! If you're in Maine and you want to connect with Kate, reach out to her here.









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